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Freelance Web | UI | Email Designer

Hi! My name is Galina and I’m a freelance UI designer. If you’re looking for a web, mobile or email design, I’d be glad to help you!

About me

I have gained experience and skills in communications and organization of the work while I was hired in E.Miroglio EAD. I’ve also got excellent French as I was living in France for a few years.

About an year ago, I’ve started designing interfaces and that’s definitely what I was looking for my whole life. I’m using Adobe Photoshop to design websites, emails and mobile apps. I also create prototypes in InVision to make the whole process from the start to the finish much easier.

Web Design

If you’re looking for a creative website design, then you’re in the right place. Let me design your new homepage!

Email Design

Designing a beautiful but yet functional email is a must have. Count on me when you’d need a newsletter design!

Mobile Design

Crafting beautiful apps with attention to every detail. No matter if you’re looking for a small or big app, I’m on your side.

available for freelance [email protected]